When Holly met Franki

Apr 27 2020

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of interviewing my wonderfool fooling teacher, Franki Anderson for Clown Power Live.

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Reflections on 'Connection'

Apr 04 2017

“This final show is about ‘Connection’; how connection enhances our lives, how easily it is to fall out of connection and how it takes courage, compassion and vulnerability to reestablish connection when it’s broken. Some of it may be funny, some of it may be moving, some of it may be informative, some of it may be rubbish, but all of it will be for you.”

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Connection- The Process 4

Mar 31 2017

For this work in progress show, I created a survey to collect stories of connection and disconnection. Reading through the beautifully honest and insightful stories, it became clear to me that these were song lyrics.

Singer / songwriter Jess Langton turned up just at the right moment to share the process with me. We trawled through the data, highlighting phrases that... Read more >

Connection- The Process 3

Mar 28 2017

This creative process couldn't be more different from the last 2 shows. Instead of being sucked into the computer for the bulk of my research, I've opened up to explore my connection with the world, my friends, nature, my boyfriend, my body, my health, joy, play and grief.

Part of me (the academic) is getting antsy. There are 6 days... Read more >

Connection- The Process 2

Mar 23 2017

Wow, I've just had 2 days of gentle nurturing, mind-expanding and soul validating, connecting back with the original source, Franki Anderson.

16 years ago, Franki first introduced me to ‘Fooling,’ an incredible risky and connected solo improvisation form / life-style choice which has influenced my work and life ever since. Her three month course, ‘The Fools Journey,’ enriched the soil in which my teaching and facilitation skills still grow.

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Connection- The Process 1

Mar 17 2017

Last night I went to a 2 hour workshop on “connection, culture and community” hosted by The Lightning Tree Collective, a Bristol based collective with backgrounds in psychotherapy, mindfulness, deep ecology and ecopsychology. They offer workshops, trainings and mentoring as a “catalyst for environmental, social and political change, in Bristol and beyond” (from their website).

On the top floor of Hamilton House, an ex-office building now bursting with colourfu... Read more >

Work in Progress 3 - Connection

Mar 13 2017

It’s one week after ‘Vulnerability,’ my last work in progress performance and I’ve just got home from a week long silent meditation retreat at Gaia House, a converted nunnery in the beautiful Devonshire countryside. I’ve been going there once or twice a year for 12 years and each time is different a... Read more >

Vulnerability- The Process 4

Mar 01 2017

Hooray! Another play day with collaborators, Ed Rapley and Liz Clarke, back in the Brunswick Club again (which incidentally is one of the most exciting new play spaces in Bristol; an old working men’s club now full to the brim with prolific creatives making wonderful and exciting things. They're having their grand opening this Friday, check them out here). 

Before we go any further, it must be note... Read more >

Vulnerability- The Process 3

Feb 27 2017

Hooray! Today was a Work In Progress Play Day!

And what a brilliant day it was, playing in amongst the clashing patterns of The Brunswick Working Men’s Club with collaborators Liz Clarke and Ed Rapley. After distilling this months research and writing into a pile of performance propositions, we warmed up together, before I romped through 4 improvised solo shows, pa... Read more >

Vulnerability- The Process 2

Feb 23 2017

Hoorah! I’ve just had the most delicious, grounding, healthy dinner with this month’s work in progress collaborators, Ed Rapley and Liz Clarke. I’ve worked with them both individually in the past and feel utterly delighted to be supported by their inspiring combination of deep thinking, daring risk taking, mega commitment and relentless passion for the work.

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