Laughter Yoga at Bristol Museum In pics

Nov 27 2018

As Clown in Residence at the Bristol Museum, I was asked to facilitate a Laughter Yoga Workshop. 

Over 50 Bristol laughers came along to the the front hall of the museum on a chilly Wednesday night to laugh their heads off in glorious union! We raised the roof of the museum and let in a bit of starlight!

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Assembling Your Inner Cast Video

Sep 07 2018

Meet some of the characters that appeared during Assembling Your Inner Cast in August 2018.

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What happened at Comic Storytelling School?

Jun 05 2018

Last week saw the birth of a brand new 5-day Comic Storytelling course. Using a similar structure to my degree course (minus the essays and live comedy assessments!), we began with red-nose non-verbal storytelling, before sliding into fantastical verbal impro and eventually landing into autobiographical storytelling. 

Each participant crafted a 10-minute true story to tell to the group on the... Read more >

Beyond The Ridiculous Art and Words

Dec 07 2017

Back in October, Beyond The Ridiculous, our company of fools, performed solo improvisation on the theme of risk, in a 3-night fool fest called Cliff Jumping For Beginners, as part of Circus City Festival.

Three fantastic artists, a brilliant photographer and 2 wonderful writers sat in the audience, responding to our playtime with images and words.

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Curious Clown Cabaret in Pictures

Nov 22 2017

We did it! 

These 10 idiots have spent the last 10 Tuesday evenings in a freezing cold church hall, playing their little hearts out (just to keep warm).

The 10 Week Clown To Performance course leads participants through a gentle process of deepening their quality of connection with themselves and cultivating the bravery to share themselves with others and to let the world in.

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What Happened at Clowning Summer School

Sep 04 2017

Wowee! What a week! 

I've been teaching clowning for over 10 years, but never have I had the opportunity to steep 12 people in the state of clown for  5 whole, consecutive days. I had notions about what might happen, but I chose to stay open to the process, designing each day as it came, in relation to the groups development and interests. 

We met in a lovely school hall in the centre of Bristol. As with all my cour... Read more >

Blessed be the Artists

Dec 13 2016

Beyond The Ridiculous have been incredibly lucky this term to have not one, not two but three visual artists sit in during our live performances and draw what they see. Each artist has their own unique approach and all have produced works of wonder that capture the spirit of Beyond The Ridiculous. We are overjoyed with what they've produced and over-excited at the potential for further collaboration between our form and o... Read more >

Look! Photos From Our Clown Show!

Nov 25 2016

Here's some photos from our show at the end of the 10 week Advanced Comic Performance course. These 12 brave adventurers spent the last 10 weeks exploring stupidity, sensitivity, connection, support, timing, breathing, status, character, presence and joy. The idiots have been unleashed! 

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