The State of Flow

May 26 2024

This blog explores Flow: what it is, how to find it and why being in the Flow State might be A Good Thing To Do. There’s a video workshop, 'Exploring The Flow State Through Play and Journalling', flow poetry from past participants of Mindful Play and a story detailing a moment when I lost connection with flow and how I managed to find it again (with a little help from my friends, a tiny dog and a squidgy baby).

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Where does Mindful Play​ come from?

May 07 2024

Whilst preparing for my three new Mindful Play Weekends in May, June and July, exploring the themes of PLAY (May 19 + 18), FLOW (June 22 + 23) and SPONTANEITY (July 20 + 21), I've been reflecting on the history and development of these courses. 

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When are you going to bring back Intro to Clown?

Apr 24 2024

This blog charts the story of my Introduction To Clowning course, from it's circus beginnings, through it's therapeutic development, to it's rising success, to it's online version, to it's resting phase and finally to it's rebirth as The Mindful Play Weekend! Read more >

Why Play? Why Stop? Play more! Here's how!

Feb 21 2022

In session two of The Mindful Play Inquiry Online, we began by exploring our favourite kinds of play when we were kids and our favourite kinds of play now. We pondered on why people play and what might stop up playing as adults.

Then we dived into a non-verbal, physical play session. At the end of playtime, I asked the group to reflect on the quality of their play throughout the session. They were invited to share some actions that supported them finding their way into the play zone.

After the session, I took their chat box sharings and crafted them into three poems: What Does Play Do For You? What Stops Grown Ups Playing? and What Can You Do To Get Into The Playzone?

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Reflections On Writing

Sep 15 2021

In January 2021, I received a 'Developing Your Creative Practice' (DYCP) grant from Arts Council England, to pay for support, inspiration and time to focus on my writing practice. Having come to the end of this project, here's some reflections about what I've learned.

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Poet Bee Golding's Response To The Mindful Play Taster

Jun 01 2021

Poet Bee Golding strikes again, capturing her experience of the Mindful Play Taster Session at The Clowning Out Of Chaos Conference on 22nd May 2021.

I led a Mindful Play Session, exploring the theme of CHAOS through meditation, play and reflection and here is what Bee discovered.

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When Holly met Andrew Cain

May 19 2021

I met Andrew Cain from Play Connect for a chat on Zoom.

Andrew is a Brighton-based improvisation teacher and therapist who specialises in helping people into play and connection. He wanted to find out about what I do and how I do it.

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Meditations For Chaotic Times - a mini workshop

May 14 2021

Ahead of the Clowning Out Of Chaos Conference (21-23 May), I offered a wee workshop exploring meditations for chaotic times via Facebook Live.

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The ingredients of Mindful Play

May 11 2021

Hey you! Would you like to know a little more about the style of meditation, play and reflection that happen on the upcoming Mindful Play Inquiry Online course (starting 3rd June)? Here's a little window into the inner workings of Mindful Play!

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Clowning With Chaos, a mini workshop

Apr 30 2021

Ahead of The Online Clown Academy's Clowning Out Of Chaos Conference (21-23 May), I offered a wee workshop exploring chaos through clowning via Facebook Live.

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