Creative Consultancy Poem

Nov 30 2021

Earlier this year, Beccy received a Developing Your Creative Practice grant from Arts Council England to focus on her poetry practice. As part of her process, she called on my Creative Consultancy services, to support her with developing her performance skills to prepare for live poetry readings.

We met for two glorious afternoons in a roundhouse in South Bristol and Beccy wrote a poem to capture our time together

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When Holly met Barnaby King

Oct 14 2021

I was invited to have a "Clownversation" with Barnaby King of Clown Spirit. This was a live conversation streamed in Barnaby's facebook group, The Way Of The Clown. Here's the video:

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A fools retreat

Oct 12 2021

These four fools escaped from their lives 

and fled to the country for a sliver of time,

To laugh and to play and to eat and to talk,

and listen and love and learn and walk

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Call Out For A Supervisee

Sep 29 2021

Last weekend I started my training as a Creative Supervisor with Relight here in Bristol. It's a 9-month experiential course which will give me all I need to be able to skilfully supervise creative arts therapists. It will also up my game as a mentor / creative consultant to workshop facilitators.

As part of my training I need to find a supervisee to embark on a supervision journey with me. You will get 15 hours of low-cost supervision between now and June. 

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Reflections On Writing

Sep 15 2021

In January 2021, I received a 'Developing Your Creative Practice' (DYCP) grant from Arts Council England, to pay for support, inspiration and time to focus on my writing practice. Having come to the end of this project, here's some reflections about what I've learned.

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Clowning and Covid Update

Sep 06 2021

Here's a little COVID update to let you know where I'm at with the workshops.

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My Facilitation Story Part 2: Going Deeper

Aug 27 2021

As part of designing my new creative facilitation training course, The Well-Held Space, I've been thinking about my own facilitation journey. I already posted Part One: The Early Years, which charts my journey from circus workshop leader to playworker to drama workshop leader to performer-facilitator. This blog picks up where the first one left off.

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Me and My Anxiety Monster

Aug 26 2021

One of the highlights of my pandemic experience has been getting to work one-to-one with a fantastic array of artists, facilitators, therapists and researchers over Zoom, through my Creative Consultancies. It's been such a joy to guide people's creative and therapeutic explorations and I intend to keep this string to my bow. I’ll be opening up for new clients this September.

For this blog, I wanted to celebrate one of the amazing individuals I worked with from September 2020 to January 2021. I wouldn’t ordinarily be able to share what happens in the Creative Consultancies as they are private and confidential, but as this project had many public facing elements, I asked the artist for her permission to share this blog and she agreed

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My Facilitation Story Part 1: The Early Years

Aug 25 2021

As part of developing my new online facilitation course, The Well-Held Space: Creative Facilitation Training, I've been thinking about my facilitation journey and all the influences that make up my practice. Here is part one, The Early Years; from Arts Play Umbrella to Oily Cart.

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How to surrender: lessons from nature

Jul 29 2021

Hello dear reader, well, have I got some stories for you?! I'm fresh from a soothing and enlivening wild women woodland retreat on the lush green hilly Sharpham Estate in Devon. I've been meandering, river swimming, meditating, moving, singing, chatting, laughing, crying, eating and howling with a pack of incredible women with astonishing stories, under the gentle and powerful guidance of Nina Jankelson and Shoshana Moskowitz.

This blog tells the tale of my solo day and what it taught me about surrender. 

After three days of developing a toolkit of mindfulness techniques, sensory exploration, nature reflection and ritual, each of us were given a packed lunch (yay!) and invited to cross a flowery threshold onto the vibrant, undulating beckoning land, solo, guided by our chosen intention.

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