Self Care! Self Care! Self Care!

Nov 22 2017

It’s week 5 of The 8-week Inner Critic Inquiry Course. We’re half way through the course! The participants have been working hard, showing up every week to meet their critics and get to know them, through writing, artwork, embodiment and discussion, more about the sorts of things we've been up to here

After so much hard work, it felt like the right time to push the critics to one si... Read more >

Embracing The Shadow Within

Nov 06 2017

Hello! In this blog you'll get to read some of the theory underpinning The Inner Critic Inquiry as well as detailed instructions about how to safely explore your own Inner Critic. Enjoy!

The theory

Its week three of my 8-week Inner Critic Inquiry course and it just so happens to be Samhain (pronounced sah-ween), the pagan solstice festival, marking the end of the harvest and... Read more >

Pause, Re-Focus, Carry On

Jun 24 2017

Ah the frantic, sexy thrust of mid-summer! Orgasmic flowers flirt with the randy bees, horny trees release their seeds to the rampant breeze and gagging-for-it humans shed their protective layers and drunkenly cavort for each other. I’m finding all a bit exhausting, to be honest.

This week I’ve stepped out of the crazy thrum and quietly turned my attention inwards. I’ve always found Solstice to be a powerful time for laying old bones to rest an... Read more >

Advice From The Comedy Lecturer

Dec 20 2016

Last week, my 3rd year degree students’ brief was to create 5 minutes of stand-up or character comedy to be performed for the class for feedback. 

It’s been a fascinating journey teaching comedy at degree level, as it’s forced me to find the words to express what for me has always been instinctual. I was brought up on the stage and laughter has always been my easiest form of communication and after spending the last 10 years working... Read more >

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