Why use positive feedback?

Oct 22 2019

Last week, a recent Intro To Clown student sent me a questionnaire. She's doing a research project about the use of positive feedback in creative learning environments. I happened to have a very long train journey - all the way from Glasgow to Bristol, would you believe? I thought – what better way to pass the time than to joyfully grapple with the subject of positive feedback. I'd like to share some of what I wrote with you, dear reader. I hope it's useful.

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5 things I learned from taking a month off work

Aug 14 2019

After a jam packed 6-months of back-to-back teaching projects, interspersed with book writing in every possible gap, I decided to TAKE THE WHOLE MONTH OF JULY OFF WORK!

Here's what I learned...

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How to deal with criticism

Jun 21 2019

This week, I received an email from a student who recently attended one of my courses. Attached to the email, was a document marked 'private and confidential', which outlined everything I'd got wrong and how, if they were running the workshop, they would have done it better. No, I won't be sharing the feedback (I can hear you from here, saying “Gizza look!”), but what I will share, is the reflection process which spontaneously emerged, to help me digest the criticism in order to learn and grow. I hope this will be useful for you too.

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Let's Play Cards For Inclusion!

Jun 11 2019

Holly Stoppit would like to invite you to a playful discussion about access and inclusion.  

<<What's all this about then?>>

Hi, I'm Holly, a workshop leader, devising director and dramatherapist based in Bristol. Lately I've been thinking about how to make my work more accessible to people with different abilities.

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global impro 7 - radical connector

May 23 2019

7.) RADICAL_CONNECTOR: Active presence and/in motion: Nonlinear dance training for all bodies with Marisa Godoy

This blog is the seventh of a series of blogs, charting my experience as a Theatre Bristol agent at the Global Improvisation Initiative Symposium, May 2019. If you'd like to get a little context, start here. Otherwise, it's time to dance!

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Global Impro 3 - The Snake Eating it's Tail

May 23 2019

3.) The Snake Eating It's Tail – a seminar by Patti Stiles

This blog is the third of a series of blogs, charting my experience as a Theatre Bristol agent at the Global Improvisation Initiative Symposium, May 2019. If you'd like to get a little context, start here. Otherwise, welcome to theory and questions to help you  explore originality vs replication.

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Global Impro Blogs intro and menu

May 23 2019

Hello and welcome to the Global Impro blogs introduction! There are a lot of blogs in this series (13 including this one), charting my experiences and learning through a 4-day international symposium on improvisation!

This blog will give you some context before laying out a menu of the other 12 Global Impro blogs. There's a mix of theory, practical explorations you can do at home alone or with others and personal reflections. I hope some of what I've written is help... Read more >

How to deal with shame

May 02 2019

As a teacher of Fooling, part of my job is to prepare my students for the inevitable Inner Critic tango that follows an improvised performance. The following advice is based on my own frequent ferocious foxtrots with my fantastic friend, the Inner Critic.

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Procrastination Hacks

Apr 08 2019

These are travellers notes which I offer myself should I again be lost. 

Trick yourself into the writing 

Set up the thing and see it and then do all you can to evade it

-Text from the photo above, excerpt from an art exhibit by Dr. Sarah Wishart as part of Undertow at Sluice Gallery, London*

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Cultivating Receptivity To Increase Connection

Nov 14 2018

Hello dear reader! This is the third of three blogs, charting my learning through three days of improvised clowning at the Bristol Museum, as their Clown In Residence.

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