Cannonballista Comes To Cardiff

Feb 19 2018

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Liz Clarke, Cannonballista / Paul Blakemore Photography

We're coming to Cardiff on March 8th for the last show of our mini-tour!

Liz and I and a team of creatives finished making this show in September and it's been touring ever since. You can read about our creative process here.

My role on show-days is to help Liz prepare herself emotionally, physically and mentally, so that she is ready to connect with each audience and share her material with generous curiosity.

It's been fascinating, watching Liz (and her alter ego, Betty Bruiser) adapt the show on the spot to suit different audiences in different environments. 

We started our tour in the Riverfront Theatre in Newport; a dark blue, high ceilinged, studio theatre. 

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Tech Run, The Riverfront Theatre, Newport

The audience took a little while to warm to Betty's wild and unpredictable ways, she was sooooooo excited about having the stage all to herself and to have the opportunity to show off her many costumes and in such a magnificently blue space!!! By the end of the show, Betty and Liz had won the audience over, leaving what felt to me like tenderness in the room.

Next up was The Brunswick Club in Bristol, an ex-working men's club, now artist-led collective, of which Liz is a member. 

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Liz and stage manager, Casey at The Brunswick Club

The home crowd was rowdy and boisterous from the get-go, which gave Liz and Betty permission to take even more risks with their performance. Betty was bolder and Liz more able to access the more vulnerable ranges of her performance. It was great to see Liz fully confident to veer away from the script and play the moments as they presented themselves. 

Last month, Liz performed the show in a village hall in Crickhowell, which is run by Peak (art in the black mountains). 

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Liz and Chris in tech at Peak in Crickhowell

This was Peak's first foray into live performance and they did a noble job of attracting an exclusive, bijou audience. Both Liz and Betty instinctively knew they'd have to tone it down for this environment, in order to welcome the audience into the show. Betty managed to contain herself until she was sure she had the audience on side, and then she let rip! The sheep are still dealing with the ringing in their ears, so they say.

The game is clear, this is a show that seeks to connect with its audience wherever they are.

International Women's Day (March 8th) will be the last gig of the tour. Who knows what Betty will do with the Sherman Theatre and the good people of Cardiff? 

At this stage, we don't know what will happen next with Cannonballista; this may be the last time it's ever performed!!! 

Come and bare witness to Betty Bruiser's grand finale.

Get your tickets here.

Facebook event here.

Liz Clarke's website here.

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