BTR Live Online Show, The New "Normal" 10th October

Sep 10 2020

Holly Stoppit
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The Wardrobe Theatre presents Beyond The Ridiculous in a live, improvised, online celebration of the human condition!

Saturday 10th October 2020
8pm | £5/£10 (+ booking fee) | Limited Tickets Available

(1 ticket required per person viewing)

Ticket link here.

“Both incredibly funny and incredibly moving.” -The Huffington Post

We all have different sides to ourselves, some we present to the outside world in neat acceptable packages and others that are locked away in small cupboards, only allowed out every 3rd Thursday or during a Full Moon. The fools of Beyond The Ridiculous remove the filters and invite all the weird and wonderful creatures of the mind out to play! 

Fooling is never planned. Each fool steps into the empty space with no idea what they will do and simply connects with their own feelings, thoughts and physicality. They choose from a range of performance techniques to carefully craft short nuggets of audaciously authentic, gob-smackingly resonant, never-to-be-repeated, instant theatre.

What it is not: Traditional improv where the audience prompts the performers to do a funny skit.

What it is: Solo performers starting with nothing, feeling into the atmosphere of the moment, finding a simple idea or impulse and developing it into a short piece of theatre. 

The New “Normal” is a chance to be inspired by courageous performers leaping into the limitless possibilities of each moment. As the fools dance their hopes, sing their dreams, clown with their fears, embody their grief, you may laugh, you may cry, you might stare dumbfounded as you see yourself reflected in the fools’ play.

Audience responses from Voices of Lockdown, Live and Unleashed

"It’s some kind of pure presence improv..."

"Wild, relatable fun"

"A remarkable show... honest, direct and poetic. "

"Intense, beautiful, moving and joyous."

"Unrehearsed. Unscripted. Real…"

The New “Normal” is an online performance conducted over Zoom, the video conferencing software. Ticket holders will be contacted on the day of the performance by email with a link to join the Zoom. 

We are committed to making our work accessible and will provide Closed Captioning for the show. If you have further accessibility needs, such as audio description, please contact to discuss and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

Beyond The Ridiculous are a collective of solo performers from many disciplines and backgrounds. They come together to train in and perform the solo improvisation form known as ‘fooling,’ under the guidance of facilitator, dramatherapist and performance skills teacher, Holly Stoppit.

Beyond The Ridiculous have been kindly supported by The Wardrobe Theatre in Bristol, UK to explore how their performance style translates online. This is their 2nd Zoom performance, their first, ‘Voices of Lockdown Live & Unleashed’ premiered in June 2020.

To buy tickets for The New "Normal," click here.

To see another video, explaining what Fooling is, click here.

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