Blessed be the Artists

Dec 13 2016

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Jenny Drew

Beyond The Ridiculous have been incredibly lucky this term to have not one, not two but three visual artists sit in during our live performances and draw what they see. Each artist has their own unique approach and all have produced works of wonder that capture the spirit of Beyond The Ridiculous. We are overjoyed with what they've produced and over-excited at the potential for further collaboration between our form and other art forms. Check out their work and follow the links to more images.

First up was Jenny Drew (see pic above), who sketched and photographed us during the show and then produced a graphic novelette all about the night. Here's the first page which captures me framing the night. We think it's incredible how Jenny distills our improvisations into their essential essence before handing them back to us in a coherent and accessible form. See the full selection here.

Next up was Debbie Hard, who stayed with us all day, sketching our warm-up session5 minute solos and the show itself. It was lovely having her in the space, as a performer who has trained in the form, she really understands how to respond to what's happening in the room. She captured the journey of the day in ink and water colour.

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Debbie Hard

Last up was Imogen Pallant-Roe who let the stories fly out of the performers and wash over her before producing a series of abstract pencil drawings embodying the pictures that her mind produced, inspired by us. You can see more here.

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Imogen Pallant-Roe

Three completely different approaches, all totally capturing the energy and spirit of Beyond The Ridiculous. We're  massively grateful and inspired. Blessed be the Artists!

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