Beyond The Ridiculous is back!

Sep 18 2017

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Adam Fung

A year ago, the fools of Beyond The Ridiculous made the difficult decision to take a break from public performances and scattered our ridiculous seeds to the far corners of the globe. Collectively, we’ve been performing, directing, teaching, touring, moving house, playing music, producing, making our own work, giving birth to a baby (only one fool did that), going straight, going wonkier, winning prizes, losing keys and having many, many birthdays (one each to be exact).

Meanwhile, Circus City were casting their beady eyes around, looking for Great Things to book for their festival. Somewhere at the bottom of a memory draw, they remembered dusty old us. “We liked those Beyond The Ridiculouses,” they said, “Lets get them out to play again!” So they beat us roughly with one of those massive carpet beaters and here we are! Pale and moth-eaten and gearing up to play.

For three nights only (October 13th, 14th and 15th) at The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol, we will soar and flop and soar again, for your delight. Our night is called Cliff Jumping for Beginners and we’ll be performing solo improvisation, exploring the theme of RISK. Four different fools will play each night, so every night will be different.

We’ll be using a new technique I discovered with Franki Anderson during my Work in Progress project in the spring, hey you could read more about that here! With this technique, each fool will have a stock cast of characters to call on at any given moment. The material will still be improvised and new characters are bound to pop up during the performance (we couldn’t keep them away if we tried), but the theory is that the stock characters will give the performers a sense of stability which will in turn allow them to take more risks on stage. 

Come and discover with us!

Find out more about Beyond The Ridiculous here

The Facebook event is here

Circus City Website is here

Or get tickets via The Wardrobe Theatre here

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