Beyond the Ridiculous 8th December show

Nov 06 2018

Holly Stoppit
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Beyond the Ridiculous + friends perform a double bill of ‘Fooling’ at the Bristol Improv Theatre!

<<But what is fooling?>>

Fooling a solo improvisation form, where performers use their own real life stories, feelings and thoughts as source material, choosing from a range of performance techniques, including storytelling, character-work, clowning, physical theatre, movement and live music to create audaciously authentic, gob-smackingly resonant, instant theatre.  

“Both incredibly funny and incredibly moving” -Huffington Post review. 

<<Who are Beyond The Ridiculous and who are these 'friends' you speak of?>>

Beyond The Ridiculous are a company of south-west based theatre makers, storytellers, clowns and musicians who have been regularly training and performing under the guidance of master fool, Holly Stoppit for the last 4 years. Their 'friends' are a handpicked collection of shiny new fools, who have all come up through Holly Stoppit's summer schools

<<What Will Happen on Saturday 8th December?>> 

We will present a double bill of shows, starting at at 2.30 and 7.30pm at the Bristol Improv Theatre. Each showcasing 5 different solo players as they playfully unpack their reality for all to see. You may find your own stories tangled in amongst the improvised play. 

Come to one show (£8 / £6 concession) or both (£12 / £10 concession) 


Saturday matinee starting 2.30pm click here.

Saturday evening starting 7.30pm click here.

<<What do audiences say?>> 

“It was so releasing. I feel in a much better place than when I walked in. Seeing everyone getting their crazy parts out made me feel connected to mine. But I push mine down. Seeing the performers release it all made me want to get out and play more.”  

"REAL engaging theatre. We’re talking about what theatre sets out to do. The origins of theatre. Untranslated, original theatre."

For more about Beyond the Ridiculous click here.

Holly Stoppit
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