Assembling Your Inner Cast Video

Sep 07 2018

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Still from film by Joe Rosser

Meet some of the characters that appeared during Assembling Your Inner Cast in August 2018.

Midnight tonight is the deadline for October's Assembling Your Inner Cast training. You need to have completed Holly Stoppit's 5-day Fooling course to attend. Details and application form here.

Assembling Your Inner Cast (AYIC) is a 5-day advanced fooling training facilitated by Holly Stoppit, where each participant discovers who's making up their current cast of inner characters (or 'masks' as they're known in fooling); inviting those voices that usually live in their heads out to play.

The inner voices such as the inner critic, doubt, the inner child, hope, joy, grief, the inner idiot, the rebel and the guide all find their physical forms and their places on the stage.

Through the AYIC process, the inner voices begin to explore their relationship with each other and discover a configuration that best supports the individual, both in stage improvisation and in real life.

Video filmed and edited by Joe Rosser.

Fools: Beccy, Greg, Jenny, Vreni, Robbie and Pete

Music: Fig Leaf Times Two by Kevin MacLeod, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence.

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