April fools - The Cast

Mar 26 2019

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: photo Adam Fung / design Beccy Golding

Introducing the cast of fools for Beyond The Ridiculous' three night celebration of the Human Condition at The Wardrobe Theatre, April 19, 20 and 21 2019.

Friday 19th April

Ed Rapley 

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: unknown

Ed has been messing about on stages for 14 years, offering connection and playfulness. Ed's been a member of Beyond The Ridiculous since 2015. As well as fooling he directs and writes.

Genevieve Davis

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: leah kirby

Genevieve embodies a multiplicity of playful selves, exploring her psyche through various forms such as clowning, fooling, ritual and visual/performance art. Anarchy and the wondrous healing power of creativity are central to her being.

Beccy Golding

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Clare Woodford

Beccy has lived in Bristol for 50 years. Formerly a youth and community worker, now a writer and arts administrator. Loves dancing and big views. Play and fooling give her incredible moments of joy, as do her family and friends.

Saturday 20th April

Aisha Ali

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Richard Yule

Aisha’s a fairly new fool in the company and loves it! She’s a singer and a fledgling composer of music for theatre shows. Co-creator of Kiota, a POC collective for Bristol Creatives, she's passionate about building diverse spaces so all voices are heard.

James Crawley

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Willow, aged 6

James is a Bristol based physical theatre performer embodying the spirit of play and improvisation in performance. Primarily working with Clown and Fool, James lives in the world of failure, spontaneity, risk and silliness. Take warning: this fool speaks the truth!

Clare Woodford

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Clare Woodford

Clare has lived in Bristol for many years and works in mental health. She values the importance of connection in her work and in her play - and she loves to play! And she also loves collecting stories and writing and breathing, though sometimes needs a bit of reminding to do it. 

Sunday 21st April

Naomi Smyth

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Paul Blakemore

Naomi Smyth has been performing and devising shows for over a decade. She trained as a Fool in 2015 and found it the most fun ever and the answer to many things, creative personal and practical. Naomi has a practice as a designer and director of immersive theatre experiences.

Jenny Davies

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Chris Hicks

Jenny is a brand new fool and is excited to throw herself in at the deep end! She's a performer and director, and facilitates courses and workshops across the city. 

Greg Champion

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Greg Champion

Greg has always loved making, creating, performing to connect with others, from class clown to dancing on stage, from building with stuff to an Art Degree. In March 2017, Greg was introduced to Clowning, quickly fell into Fooling and found a connection with himself and you...

Your Host for all three nights, Holly Stoppit

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Alex Tabrizi

Holly will be holding the space for the performers and audience to experience the full spectrum of their emotions. Hold on tight for an invigorating roller coaster ride through what it means to be human.

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