A fools retreat

Oct 12 2021

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Chez, Holly, Dominique and Naomi squinting in the sunshine

These four fools escaped from their lives
and fled to the country for a sliver of time,
To laugh and to play and to eat and to talk,
and listen and love and learn and walk.

We moved with the sounds of birdsong and breeze,
lay down on damp earth and embodied the trees.
We hunted for mushrooms and popped puffballs,
squeezed Himalayan Balsam pods and felt them explode.

We breathed in and out, as we took and gave space,
To our hearts, our dreams, each other and the place.
We danced in the garden and sang in woods,
and chatted 'round tables, laden with food.

We eased the lids off our imaginations,
Greeting their residents and our procrastination;
We gleefully celebrated of all the ways
we postpone and delay our creative forays.

Then in the evening, in the glow of the fire,
We delved into VR fooling and emerged inspired.
We tasted the future, we revelled in the past,
We savoured the present and we had a blast

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: We found fly agaric mushrooms all around the woods
Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Chez fooling in the garden
Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Naomi fooling in the garden
Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Dominique fooling in the garden
Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Parlour games - VR fooling
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