Holly Stoppit
Photo credit: Paul Blakemore

Mindful Play Sessions

Do you need more PLAY in your life? Has it all got a bit hard / serious / boring / stressful / grown up? Do you long for a time when you could just play freely in a safe space? Then professional play facilitator, Holly Stoppit has just the thing for you. 

Holly’s Mindful Play Sessions are packed full of opportunities for grown-ups to play non-competitive, creativity-unlocking, wonder-inspiring games. Mindful play fans the flames of joy, laughter and connection, whilst rooting the participants in grounded awareness. Quite the opposite to frivolous escapism, when we play mindfully, we play to get closer to ourselves, we play to get closer to other people, we play to get closer to what life’s all about for us. 

There are 4 sessions, each lasting 2 1/2 hours. The themes of the sessions are:

  • Play
  • Flow
  • Spontaneity
  • Connection

This 4-part series of workshops can be delivered as a weekly evening course or combined into a full weekend’s course. Each session contains a short, playfully delivered chunk of theory from Holly’s research, exploring some potential benefits of allowing more Play, Flow, Spontaneity and Connection into our everyday lives and questioning why we don’t.

Each week, Holly will reach into her enormous bag of ticks to provide frameworks for the group to explore the topics for themselves. Holly’s magic bag includes; circle games, vocal games, physical games, storytelling games, improvisation games, creative writing / poetry, art / sculpture and creative reflection. Each session is unique and self contained, so you can attend as many as you like. Attending all four will give you a fully rounded experience.

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