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Inner Critic Weekend

Release the grip of your inner critic, through dialogue, art, writing and dramatherapy. 

This weekend is for those who feel like their inner critic is often louder and more powerful than it needs to be. We’ll spend the weekend playing, dancing, sculpting, writing and talking with our critics, discovering more about them, fleshing them out and paradoxically loosening up the hold they have over us. The skills learned during this workshop can be used in any context to help you move beyond the limitations your inner critic is currently setting for you.

Holly’s interest in exploring the inner critic began in her early 20’s when her own inner critic was making her chosen career of creating and performing devised theatre, virtually impossible. Holly and her critic have spent a large part of the last 15 years hanging out together in therapy, meditation and creative process; they’ve found their way to forming a grounded and expansive collaborative working relationship where Holly is very much the boss. Holly first began developing this workshop during her MA training in dramatherapy, seeking to share with others the techniques and theory that have helped her put her critic in its place. She has since adapted the workshop for several different groups.

The inner critic weekend's ingredients:

  • Creating a safe space together through play and boundary making
  • Mindfulness techniques to ground us in the here and now
  • Artwork, creative writing and character work to help us get to know our inner critics
  • Creative writing exercises to begin to shine a light on the inner critic’s sabotaging strategies.
  • An opportunity to be facilitated to ‘Feed Your Demons,' an ancient buddhist practice which will enable you to dig a little deeper, beneath your inner critic’s harmful words, to discover what the critic really needs. This process offers deep insight into what is at the heart of your critic’s campaign. 

Feedback from previous Inner Critic Weekend participants:

“It’s a workshop that shows how we are all the same inside our heads.”

“The combination of meditation, mindful movement, voice work, use of art materials, embodiment and dialoguing with the inner critic was a perfect mix and was beautifully held.”

“Holly’s capacity to make really deep work fun is extraordinary. Also her holding of space -- safe, clear, no-nonsense yet gentle too.”

“Best group exercise for a long long time. Something that one to one therapy hasn’t been able to provide. An extended time, a group held space and connection of opening and safely sharing vulnerability… A gift to experience a hidden world of others and know what is seen or presented isn’t always what is being felt or experienced under the surface.”

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