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Inner Critic Inquiry

Release the grip of your inner critic, through dialogue, art, writing and dramatherapy. 

This 8-week course from dramatherapist and performance trainer Holly Stoppit will help you release the grip of your inner critic, through drama, writing and art. 

Are you plagued by self-doubt, riddled with self-consciousness, fearful of putting yourself / your work out there? Do you feel like your choices and your potential are limited? 

Would you like to feel braver and able to take more risks in creativity, work, love and life? Then this is the course for you! 

In this course, you’ll be led through a carefully paced progression of exercises that will help you to: 

- strengthen your inner resilience 

- meet your inner critic face to face 

- discover what your critic is trying to protect you from 

- learn the skills to be able to deal with your critic whenever it arises, in healthy, creative and effective ways 

All of this is served up on a bed of laughter, play and connection. 

Holly has been facilitating various versions of the Inner Critic Inquiry for the last 5 years. To find out more about where this course came from, read Holly's blog Me and My Critic

To get a feel for what an inner critic session might contain, have a look at Holly's blog, where she writes about Embracing The Shadow WithinSelf Care and Boundaries.

Holly’s delighted to be returning it back to its original 8 week format this autumn and to be hosted by Bristol Improv Theatre for the first time. 

Feedback from previous Inner Critic Weekend participants

“It’s a workshop that shows how we are all the same inside our heads.”

“The combination of meditation, mindful movement, voice work, use of art materials, embodiment and dialoguing with the inner critic was a perfect mix and was beautifully held.”

“Holly’s capacity to make really deep work fun is extraordinary. Also her holding of space -- safe, clear, no-nonsense yet gentle too.”

“Best group exercise for a long long time. Something that one to one therapy hasn’t been able to provide. An extended time, a group held space and connection of opening and safely sharing vulnerability… A gift to experience a hidden world of others and know what is seen or presented isn’t always what is being felt or experienced under the surface.”

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