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Clowning To Performance
(weekly classes)

This 10-week course builds on Holly’s Introduction to Clowning Weekend. We'll playfully bring the group together in a full weekend workshop, before launching into 10 weeks of play and learning. Each week, we'll drop deeper into the state of clown, exploring ever riskier realms of authentic interactive improvisation. The course culminates with a show at The Wardrobe Theatre.

** This course is only for people who have completed Holly's Introduction to Clown weekend. To find details of Holly's next Intro courses see http://www.hollystoppit.com/workshops/introduction-to-clowning ** 

What you'll get from the course: 

- You'll get to know new facets of your clown. 

- You'll meet other people as bonkers as you. 

- You'll be guided through exercises that deepen your authentic, live connection with audiences.

- You'll explore how to devise a short clown number.

- You'll receive support to build your confidence in your spontaneity and creativity. 

- You'll have a supported opportunity to perform in front of a real audience in a real theatre, with a guided reflection session factored in afterwards.

- Weekly sessions may enable you to bring more clown philosophy to your everyday life, resulting in more laughter, play, flow, spontaneity and connection.


• Primer weekend: Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 September, 10am-6pm

•10 week course: Tuesdays, 7-9.30pm, starting 19 September

• Performance at the Wardrobe Theatre: Sunday 19 November

• Final reflection & debriefing: Tuesday 21 November, 7-9.30pm


As with all Holly's courses, there are 3 levels of payment 

£270: sponsor rate for those earning enough to support a concessionary place 

£250: standard rate 

£230: concessionary rate for those on benefits or in FT education (limited concs available)

“Amazing, emotional, inspiring, practical & massively helpful!”

“The structure was great as it felt like a gradual progression and accumulation of practice which was then really fantastic to pull together to apply in the performance at the end…. at the performance itself I felt much calmer and more grounded than on other occasions. I was able to take my time more on stage, breathe & pause more easily.”

“I think [as a result of attending this course] I am gradually finding it easier to be spontaneous and authentic. I think I am more aware of the audience when I am teaching/lecturing….Being made to work with the positive feedback model for 10 weeks and seeing the effects of the group has transformed the way I give feedback to my trainees.”

“This course aided me in being more sensitive to my audience, which I have been since… I learnt so much about being present and in the now. So important not to just be doing but to be being.”

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