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Holly Stoppit / 2017 Summer School

Clowning Summer School (5-days)

This 5 day course builds on Holly’s Introduction to Clowning Weekend, offering participants opportunities to drop deeper into the state of clown, exploring ever riskier realms of interactive clown improvisation.

You need to have completed Holly's Introduction To Clowning to attend this course.

Hooray! We will play and play for 5 whole days, discovering more about your clown each day. There will be opportunities galore to explore:

-solo, pairs and ensemble improvisation

-rhythm and surprise, the mechanics of physical comedy

-seeing and being seen

-audacious / authentic audience connection

-owning / playing with the flop

-playful voice work

-freeing body work

-dressing up

-guided reflection sessions to capture your clown’s wisdom

To read about what happened during Holly's Clowning Summer School 2017, check out this here blog.

P.S If you're wondering what happened to the 5-day Clowning Summer School that was scheduled for 27-31 August 2018, we didn't get many applications by the deadline, so we decided to go with the energy that's alive and offer an Advanced Fooling Training instead. No doubt Clowning Summer School will be back again next summer with bells on!

“Fun, silly, cathartic, deep, real, therapeutic, adventure, liberating.”

“A deep dive into fuller, funnier, more compassionate relationship with yourself, other people and the world around you. A massive opportunity to learn to play whatever the emotional weather or outside context.”

“The whole week was an absolute treat.”

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