Summer School Places Available

Apr 11 2017

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Paul Blakemore

There are only a few places left for summer school 2017! Follow the links below for more info and booking forms.

“But what’s going to happen to me if I sign up?”

Good question! Well, lets see, there are 2 types of summer schools available; Fool’s school and Clown school. 

“What happens in fool’s school?”

If you choose fool’s school, you’ll be signing up for a week of deep exploration, discovering  / remembering different parts of yourself and inviting them all out to play. Some of your cast of internal characters may have important things to say, some may want to dance, some may want to sing, some may want to lie around doing absolutely nothing. Our job is to step out of the way and let the parts of the self come out to play. 

The Fool's mission is to speak the truth.

“Aha, I think I know what you mean! Is it solo improvisation where you dialogue with different aspects of yourself and everybody in the workshop realises we’re all as mad / complex / hilarious / cute as each other?”

That’s it! You’ve got it!

“Brilliant! So what happens in Clown School?”

Well clown school is an extension of what you would have learned in Holly’s 2 day Introduction To Clowning Weekend. There will be more playing, more laughing, more understanding the rhythms of comedy. After sprucing up your individual clown, we might focus on duos or bigger groups improvising together for an audience, or we might choose to focus on solo play. Holly will take her lead from the group. There will be lots of opportunities for personal reflection along the way, to capture the clown's wisdom in words and pictures. 

The clown's mission is to connect and play.

“OK, so it’s more about red nose clowning, going deeper into what we started in the weekend course?”

That’s it! You’ve got it!

"What are the dates and how do I apply?"

June Fooling Summer School

12-16 June

For people who have already completed Introduction to Clowning

info and booking form here.

July / August Advanced Summer School

24-28 July

7-11 August

For people who have already completed the 5 day fooling summer school

info and booking form here.

August Clowning Summer School

21-25 August

For people who have already completed Introduction to Clowning

info and booking form here.

"Great! See you in the summer!"

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